Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We are starting a tutorial series to illustrate the use of Tonatiuh

To illustrate the use of Tonantiuh we are starting today a tutorial series, which will be posted in the wiki of the main Tonatiuh website (tonatiuh.googlecode.com).

The tutorial that starts the series will explain how to use Tonatiuh to model and analyze a tower system with 500 one-facet small heliostats.

From Tonatiuh Wiki Figures

This tutorial will explain how to insert "tracker" plug-ins in the modeling of the heliostat field to ensure that when the user changes the sun position the heliostats are  automatically reoriented so that they keep directing their reflected sunlight towards the receiver located on top of the tower.

In addition, the tutorial will also explain how to use the scripting capabilities of Tonatiuh to automate the generation of an optical efficiency matrix for the solar heliostat field.

To access the index of the tutorial series, please, follow this link.

Please, give us feedback, so that we can continue improving Tonatiuh, and providing you the tools and information you need to use it.

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