Thursday, November 18, 2010

Release of version 1.1.2 of Tonatiuh

We just released version 1.1.2 of Tonatiuh. This is a minor release version of the program. Its main characteristics are the following:
  • It incorporates an Update Manager, which allows the users to check if there is available a newer version of the program than the one she or he is using, and to download it in case it is available.
  • It adds a new shape plug-in to the list of Tonatiuh standard shape plug-ins. This new shape plug-in named "ShapeTroughCHC" allows the user to create trough-like Compound Hyperbolic Concentrators.
  • It fixes the error associated with the lack of immediate response of a Tracker to user-induced changes in the transformation of its parent TShapeKit separator or in any of its ancestors.
  • It fixed the error associated with the brief appearance of a ghost window when opening the Sun Position Calculator.
Figure 1 shows a view of a parabolic trough working in tandem with a Compound Hyperbolic Concentrator acting as a secondary concentrator.
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