Friday, November 19, 2010

Tonatiuh’s website number of visits and bounce rate are growing fast

Tonatiuh’s website started on June 28, 2008. Thus, we are currently in the day 143 of the third year since the opening of the website. With only 39% of the third year of the website passed by, today the number of visits to the Tonatiuh website has exceeded the total number of visits to the website during the previous year. The fact that the number of visits to the Tonatiuh’s website is increasing at an exponential rate is an indication that Tonatiuh is increasingly kwon and used all over the world.

From Tonatiuh Blog Figures

Another indication of the consolidation of Tonatiuh as a reference program for the analysis of the optical and energy behavior of solar concentrating systems is the continuous increase in Tonatiuh's website “Bounce Rate”. According to the information shown in Figure 1, more than 63% of Tonatiuh website’s visitors are recurrent visitors.

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