Monday, November 1, 2010

Improved instructions to install Tonatiuh's IDE under Windows

One of the many good things of Tonatiuh is that it is build upon one of the best set of open source libraries available (Qt, Simage, Coin3D, SoQt, Marble, Berkeley DB). This allows the program to benefit from the continuous improvement and increase in functionality of those libraries and their related tools.

Under Windows, the recent improvements on the installation and set up tools of the MinGW/MSYS compilation and linking environment and of the Qt, Coin3D and Marble libraries has resulted in a drastic simplification and a dramatic reduction in the time needed to install and configure the Tonatiuh's development environment.

Now, if you follow the updated instructions posted on the Wiki of the Tonatiuh website regarding how to install and configure the development environment of Tonatiuh under Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, you will need just two to three ours to:
  • Install the complete development environment,
  • Download Tonatiuh's source code from its Googlecode SVN server,
  • Build the latest stable version of the program from its source code, and
  • Be ready to contribute to the improvement of the program, should you decide to do so. 
These are good news to any one interested in being able to build the latest version of Tonatiuh without having to wait until the next official program release, or to any one interested in collaborating in the development of the program.

To access the updated wiki instructions regarding how to install and configure Tonatiuh's development environment, please, go to this link.

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