Saturday, March 6, 2010

Release of version 0.9.4 of Tonatiuh

On February 26, Tonatiuh version 0.9.4 was released. This new release of Tonatiuh is available for downloading at the program's main website:

This new version of the program offers the following improvements over the previous version:
  • It fixes two bugs found in the code. One that precluded the program to show in the 3D pane of the GUI the rays traced by the program, and other that made the program crash when the user changed the position of the Sun, after tracing rays.
  • It introduces a new type of plugin: The random number generator or uniform deviate. While in previous releases of the program random numbers where generated by a specific class within the core program. In this new release the architecture of the program, and its user interface, has been changed to allow the user to specify which random number generator plugin he or she wants to use. In addition to this, two state-of-the-art random number generators have been coded into plugin form to give the users the option to select either of them, or two develop and use their own plugin.

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