Friday, July 9, 2010

OpenSolaris version of Tonatiuh 1.0.1

As indicated in a recent post, we have added OpenSolaris to the list of operating systems for which Tonatiuh is targeted.

If you are interesting in using Tonatiuh under OpenSolaris, please, do the following:

  1. Go to the "Downloads" section of the Tonatiuh website at
  2. Download the archive file "tonatiuh-opensolaris-1.0.1.tar.gz" in a computer running OpenSolaris and extract its content.
  3. Find the shell file "" and execute it.
We have been able to test the above procedure in only one PC running OpenSolaris. Thus, if the procedure works for you, please, let us know. If it does not work, please, also let us know, and if possible, please, provide us with the details of what went wrong, so that we can try to fix it.


Gleb said...

Hello! I couldn't test the OpenSolaris version as I run Solaris 10 on a SPARC box. Would you be so kind as to put build instructions for *Solaris on your site? I tried to follow Linux instructions but first of all found Qt4.6 dependency. Where did you get it for OpenSolaris? It seems really difficult to compile and it's not available in repos. Also, did you use stlport4 library with Oracle/Sun Studio?

Manuel Blanco said...

Hi! You are completely correct. It has not been easy for us to compile Tonatiuh for OpenSolaris. The worst part was to compile the Qt libraries, specially compile the QtWebKit library. We stayed away from the GNU compiler, and compiled everything with the Sun Studio compiler using the stlport4 library. I will try to write the instructions regarding how to build Tonatiuh under OpenSolaris in the Wiki within the next few days. Thanks for your interest.

Manuel Blanco said...

I have written the instructions to build all of the libraries needed by Tonatiuh, but one: Berkely DB.

The instructions needed to build Berkeley DB are missing because today Oracle's link to download the source files for Berkely DB is not working, and it is not clear to me why. In any case, the Berkeley DB library is only necessary to build or use the Berkeley DB plug-in, not to build the Tonatiuh program itself.

I will appreciate if you could test the instructions, and tell me if they work for your SPARC machine.

Best regards,